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Hi, I’m Kristina

I create landscape paintings, entertain people with live wedding painting and teach art online and in my community.

I found my start in art really young by growing up surrounded by creativity. My grandma would draw women in beautiful outfits to entertain me as a kid. At the same time my mom and dad had a wedding decorating business where they would bring my sister and I along to help out. I learned their talents by watching and helping.

In college, I obtained a degree in Interior design by studying art and design. My favorite part of interior design is creating presentation renderings of room designs. 

In recent years, I have immensely enjoyed plein air painting. I have competed in plein air competitions, painted grand views on vacation and painted locations all over Madison, WI.

One day, I saw live wedding painting on Pinterest. I became so excited at the thought of doing something that seemed totally meant for me. I feel like my whole life was preparing me for this profession by practicing figure drawing with my grandma, tagging along with my parents as a tiny wedding vendor, perfecting perspective drawing in interior design and gaining experience painting outdoors from direct observation. 

Now I am able to create artwork while enjoying a wedding atmosphere and work on my landscape collections in the off season. My other passions include gardening, traveling and biking.

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Live wedding painting in Milwaukee

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