A comprehensive guide to your live wedding painting options.

After making the awesome decision to hire a live wedding painter, you will have many options to choose from to bring your wedding painting vision to life. All it takes to book your live painting is a wedding date and venue. The following decisions can be made at any point leading up to the wedding.

Step 1: Painting Size

The four most common live painting sizes are pictured below. Increasing the size of the painting also increases the details and cost. When you envision your painting hanging on your wall do you picture it above your fireplace, bed or sofa? In your entryway, staircase or accent area? It’s a great idea to measure your space and place a painters tape outline on your wall of the painting sizes that you are considering to help visualize the canvas in your space.

Step 2: Live painting Moment

Choosing the painting moment is what people struggle with the most. They’re all so beautiful and special and it’s so hard to only pick one. The most popular are the ceremony 1st kiss and the reception 1st slow dance; however, feel free to choose anything you want. Here is a link to my portfolio to see a wider range of options than what is shown here.

Step 3: Tell me your favorite details

You spent months to years planning your wedding and capturing all of those special details is my priority! In the booking questionnaire you will have a chance to list your favorite things about the painting scene that you have chosen from the architecture and florals in the background to your initials embroidered into your veil. If it’s important to you it’s important to me!

Step 4: Cropping the picture classic, zoomed in or zoomed out?

When you look at my painting gallery you might notice that most of the paintings have a similar composition aka how the couple and background are positioned and sized on the canvas. All of the photos selected for this article so far are my classic compositions that I default to as my natural artistic style. This is how I will paint the wedding unless otherwise requested. Some couples may prefer a highly detailed portrait of just the two of them zoomed in really close. Other couples may choose to have the painting zoomed way out to show the entire picture of the whole wedding. Here are some examples:

Step 5: Couple only or adding guests?

My portfolio has a wide range of paintings of the couples with and without guests. The paintings that have guests also vary from an abstract impression of the crowd adding party energy to the painting or pre-determined people added in detail to the painting. The most requested option is the couple only with the surrounding decor and scenery. This and an abstract crowd are included at no additional charge you just have to let me know your preference going into the painting. If you would like certain family members, friends and even pets added into the painting this will be an additional cost of approximately $50 per portrait. The price may vary depending on the size of the painting, number and complexity of the portraits. To add detailed portraits we will discuss who and how I will find them at the wedding. Then, I will photograph them at the wedding and place them in the painting. Here are some examples:

I hope this article helped narrow down your wedding painting preferences. I’m always available to answer questions. Just send me a message!

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