Wedding painter in the Midwest

Wedding painter in the Midwest

If you’re looking for a wedding painter in the Midwest to elevate your wedding you’ve landed in the right place. I’m Kristina Brewer and I have painted over 100 weddings all over the Midwest. It is my goal to entertain your wedding guests while creating a masterpiece for you to hang in your home. I am based near Madison, Wisconsin and I’m happy to travel to all of my neighboring states to paint a love story.

What is live wedding painting?

A special moment from the wedding is interpreted through the artistic process and brought to life right before everyone’s eyes on canvas.

“Kristina is an amazing artist and she beautifully captured our son’s wedding ceremony. It was a wonderfully unique experience for our guests to watch the painting transform throughout the night.”

Kathy Gesualdo

I want to show you some of my favorite weddings, venues and locations that I’ve painted around the Midwest. If you want to learn more about my services click here or contact me if you want to see if your date’s available.

Live wedding painting in Michigan

Here’s a few of my live wedding paintings in Michigan. From a beautiful fall wedding at The Morris Estate to a sleek downtown Detroit wedding.

Live wedding painting in Iowa

My live wedding paintings in Iowa include the short trip to Dubuque and a very special venue in West Branch, IA called Little Lights on the Lane.

Live wedding painting in Indiana

I’ve had a lot of fun painting weddings in Indiana. The wedding at Palais Royale in South Bend was straight out of a glamorous fairytale and was even featured in Wedding Day Blog. If getting married in the country is more your thing Blossom Barn was the perfect family owned farm catered to weddings.

Live wedding painting in Minnesota

Painting weddings in Minnesota is a special treat for me, because it usually means I get to stop and visit one of my best friends. I’ve painted a number of weddings in Minneapolis and St. Paul as well as a few other special locations scattered around Minnesota.

Live wedding painting in Illinois

My most frequently visited state for live wedding painting is Illinois. I am so familiar with Chicagoland venues, vendors and wedding planners that it almost feels like home for my business. Here are some photos of weddings in the Chicago area.

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