The live wedding painting experience

The live wedding painting experience

The live wedding painting experience

We loved the whole experience with Kristina! She is so nice and all night everyone had the opportunity to talk with her and raved about her and the painting. It is very special to have this piece of artwork! Wish I could give more than 5 stars!

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Live wedding painting experience

The big day has arrived and you booked Kristina Brewer to have the great honor of painting live at the wedding. This article will give you a glimpse of what is happening behind the scenes, during the wedding and the wrap up. Click here to learn more about live wedding painting and contact me!

Kristina’s arrival

Kristina will arrive 1-2 hours prior to the guests. This extra time is used to select the best spot to set up. This spot will have a great view, good lighting, is out of a main walkway yet easy for guests to see and access.

Reference photos are taken of the scenery and details of the d├ęcor. The painting composition is planned and drawn and finally some paint is added to the background.

Guest arrival

As guests arrive to the wedding they will find Kristina painting and wander over to take a look. There will be enough information on the canvas for them to see the beginning stages of the painting. We will all enjoy the special moment selected for the painting while Kristina discretely takes photo and video references.

The main event

As the party gets rolling, Kristina continues to paint and entertain guests. Guests stop by the painting station throughout the wedding to watch the progress, ask questions, tell art stories, take photos and even get a chance to add paint with Kristina’s guidance. There is so much fun and laughter happening at the painting station.

The wrap up

Once the painting is complete or almost complete, if the couple is available, Kristina will get their attention for a quick reveal. Kristina will take the painting with her to add details in the studio and varnish for lasting protecting. The painting will be carefully packed and shipped to the couple about 4-6 weeks after the wedding.

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