Payment options for live wedding painting

Payment options for live wedding painting

Live wedding painting is a special investment in your wedding. Live paintings double as an incredible form of wedding entertainment AND become a cherished family heirloom that is viewed hanging in your home every day. There are many options for payment to make your wedding painting dream a reality.

Accepted forms of payment

All major credit cards, direct transfer payments like Zelle and Venmo, checks and cash are accepted. I will try my best to accommodate special forms of payment if you have other suggestions… Bitcoin anyone???

Ways to pay

  • Credit card: An invoice using my Square account will be emailed to you to process your payment
  • Zelle: I will send you my details for you to locate my account and process the transfer
  • Venmo: I will send you a link directly to by business Venmo account
  • Check: I will send you my mailing address for you to send a check
  • Cash: For long distance couples we can use Western Union to transfer cash and for local couples we can meet in person to exchange cash

When is payment due

A 25% minimum deposit is due at booking. You can pay more or in full at booking and if the event is cancelled, the additional amount paid above the deposit will be returned to you. The final payment in full is due 1 month prior to the wedding. It is important to make the final payment in a timely manner, because there are couples on my waiting list and I release the date if you do not complete the final confirmation 4-6 weeks prior to the wedding.

Payment plans

I am often asked if I can do payment plans and I’m happy to offer this as an option. I am flexible on how the payment plan is carried out as long as the amount is paid in full 1 month prior to the wedding. We can arrange monthly recurring credit card payments. You can transfer money to me at anytime and it is carefully tracked on your account. You can also set up automatic bill pay and have your bank send me checks.

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